Beasties numerous cancellations, we finally decided to go out of town when summer class ended. So it happened. It was my first time to go out of town without my parents chaperoning me. I was alone ─ alone with my best of friends whom I call as “beasties.” Funny it may seem, but we became friends just last year and clicked immediately.


Okay so went to Tumaghong Falls and it was again my first time to go to a place that looked ethereal. The next day we went to Simala. Finally! I’ve always wanted to visit the place because I know the place is kind of holy and I also heard that wishes are granted here. So we sent letters of our wishes addressed to Mama Mary, prayed, and bought souvenirs. My most favorite thing in this whole trip was the bond and moments we had made. It strengthened our friendship; it deepened the relationship between us.


I hope those photos we took, from the bus to where we landed, will still be alive 20 years from now. Those captured moments will remind us how and what we were as time flips to 2035. I hope we will still be the Beasties till the very end.

| Written on May 23, 2015 |


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