Blogger’s note

Hello! First and foremost, I would like to thank you for visiting my blog and taking time to read some of my writings. This blog consists of stories and reflections in life, anything I’d think of under the sun. There are actually a lot to see here. And to know this mysterious (am i really?) person behind it, I will share a brief wiki of yours truly.

I am Kriemheld Kriel Straecy Grace Baldoz Bajar. What you read isn’t a tongue twister as what everybody usually say, those words are my legit name. But need not to worry, I prefer to be called by my loved nickname — Bubbles — this really has a bizarre history so never mind why I got it. I’m a 95-liner living in Visayas, Philippines. I might not go over about my height and weight because it might ruin your imagination of me. Just stay track! (Haha!)

I am a nursing student. I was a shiftee from Mass Comm but then I decided that wearing a white robe and a stet around my neck suit me better, well at least! So yes, I plan to take up Medicine after. I would humbly say that I don’t have a talent, if there is, well it’s nothing special though. Yes, I’m a pessimistic optimist kid, I’d say. I am an introvert kid and tend to be emotional over little things.

Three adjectives that world perfectly describe me: chatterbox, pluviophile, and old soul.

I’m just a typical lass like some of you. And the reason why I have this blog because of some issues and thoughts that keep on lingering me while I’m becoming more aware and mature in life. I am still in search of myself. There are a lot of ideas I wanna draw around, a lot of things I wanna say. More to explore in life, so join me as I share it with you through writing! Carpe diem.


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