BtoB’s Story Version: LAST DAY

Author’s Note:

Ilhoon as Ivan Parker

Seohyun (4minute) as Shane

The story is all written in Ivan’s POV

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Chapter 1

            “I want to go to Lake Tahoe tonight,” Shane asked me to bring her to the place where I proposed to her, had our wedding, and shared our first kiss together as a couple. Part of me doesn’t want her to bring there at this hour but she insisted. I still had to put the baby to sleep, but now I think I have to call a babysitter for this situation, and do the dishes after. You see, I need to take care of everything before going out tonight.

“Please?” blinking her eyes and pouting her lips like a baby trying to persuade me.

Looking at her looked so cute that made me laugh. “Yes, of course. When did I ever say no to you?”

She giggled like a five-year old kid receiving a lollipop from her dad after hearing my answer. That smile of her was just so priceless. Seeing her in that picture was my joy.

“I just need to get some things done in a sec. Stay there, Hon.” I said while hurriedly going upstairs.

“And oh, please bring my coat too. It’ll be cold outside. Thanks!” She said and still smiling.

I went to check the baby.  Sam is peacefully sleeping in her new sleeping pajama. My little angel is so cute; she’s just three years old but already resembling a lot from her mom. I called our next door babysitter through the phone to come to our house and take care of everything while Shane and I will be going out. I kissed our baby goodnight and went to our room. I would always see our wedding picture hanging on the wall every time I enter the room. That was one of our happiest days together. I searched through my closet and changed up. I and Shane share the same closet together. So I searched for her favorite yellow knitted coat and took it out. I went to the table and put my perfume on, her favorite scent as she always tells me. To my clumsiness, the picture frame fell down from the table. I immediately picked it up noticing that it was one of our favorite photos together. The photo was taken during our high school senior’s prom; we were dancing together, Shane in a blue silk gown while I was in a white tux with a rose in my right hand. Oh those moments! Moments with her are still so clear in my memory.

I was brought back from my trance as the doorbell rang. It must be the babysitter. I put the frame back to its place and ran my way downstairs.

“Good evening, Mr. and Mrs. Parker!” greeted the young babysitter from the next door.

“Good evening too, Diana! Sam is sleeping upstairs. Shane and I will be going to Lake Tahoe for a while,” I said.

“Lake Tahoe? Oh, it must be a date! Have fun then! And oh, be careful, Mrs. Parker, it’s cold outside,” said Diana with a smile flashing on her face. Young teens these days are so full of excitement.

We waved goodbye to her. “Sam really likes her a lot,” Shane smiled.


Chapter 2

            We arrived at Lake Tahoe. It is just a 20-minute drive from our house. There were some few people strolling around, couples dating, and families in a walk. It was just 8:45PM and I saw a man holding a bouquet of flowers as he entered the place. I think there might be a proposal that’s going to happen. Oh, reminds me of the old days with her. I coughed in force.

“Why?” Shane immediately noticed.

“I think someone’s gonna propose tonight.”

            “I wonder what this place has that made couples do proposals and weddings here. Hmm.” She blunted with a sweet laugh.

Shane and I have been together for almost eleven years. We were high school sweethearts and never parted ways since then. We went to the same college, graduated together, and even went to the same working place. Our relationship may not be so special because we almost spent time together 24/7 but never did our love tarnish. We married each other and blessed with a cutesy three-year old baby girl Sam who resembles her a lot. Our plans in life were just in perfect track until—

“Ivan. Ivan. Ivan?” Shane calling me.

I didn’t notice her from behind, my bad! “Sorry! Are you cold?”

‘I’m tired.” Shane was sitting on her wheelchair while whispering these words.

“I’m tired.” She repeated it again with tears about to fall.


Chapter 3

            Our plans in life were just in perfect track until a bad news came last year. It was her birthday when she suddenly fainted. We immediately rushed her to the hospital and stayed there for almost a week for her platelets were intermittently dropping. Week after, the doctor delivered a bigger bad news to us.

Shane was discovered to have leukemia. Already in late stage.

She was already sick in her 20’s, just a year later after she gave birth to our child. We did several tests, checkups, treatments, etc. but the Doctor told us that it was too late already. Her days are counted.

I was so afraid that I would lose her any moment. I wanted to punish myself for not knowing about her condition earlier. I could have sent her to checkups, underwent series of tests, got her to hospital and be treated sooner. I hated myself for being such a loser and a lame man, I felt sorry for her. But all I have done was cried, wept over and over again. I could have done anything else. With her remaining days, I stayed with her every time. I even gave up my job just to look for her and be with her. I treated her like she was fragile as she got frailer over time. I couldn’t help it.

Shane’s doctor allowed her to get out from the hospital. It was one of Shane’s wish to stay in our house while waiting for her days (saying these words just crumpled my heart). I wanted her to stay in the hospital and get proper treatment but she insisted, and I always couldn’t say no to her.

And now I get it, it was one of her long time wish.

“I want to die here in the same place where we had our proposal, wedding, and first date together while seeing your face alone,” she told me after our wedding day.

How dumb of me not to realize this. And so again, I was too late in picking up signs.

Tonight is probably going to be our last day.



Chapter 4

            “Do you wanna sleep for a moment?” I said while holding back my tears.

Still in her smiling face, “If I will sleep now, I probably won’t ever see you again.”

Signs. She was giving another sign. I was never afraid in my whole life than this day. “Are you…” I cried hard “…Now leaving me?”

I felt farewell in front of her eyes. She nodded, “Take good care of our child.” Her hand reached my chest, “And of course, your heart.”

I clasped her hands together with mine, “Are you really ready to leave me now?”

“I have to,” in her weakest voice. She laughed quietly. “No more late night talks with you, late phone calls at night when you go overtime, no more constant nagging from me. Going back those days feels just like yesterday, but today’s the last day that we’ll ever be together.”

I have been ready from the beginning that I will lose her some time. But how could it be too soon? I looked up at the sky, but even the stars we saw together also look weaker.

“But I am not ready to send you off,” I sobbed.

“I love you,” she closed her eyes as the ticking of my watch began to stop.

The morning without her will come. Tomorrow everything will be gone. But she will always be alive in my memory. That night, granting her last and final wish, was our last day together.


Listen to BtoB’s Last Day





            ”Do you wanna sleep for a moment?” he said while holding back his tears.

Sending someone to sleep was never easy for Ivan. He had feared that sleeping for a moment would turn into forever… because any day might be their last day together.


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