U Prince Series: The Handsome Cowboy – Drama Review

U Prince Series, a Thai drama series, is making noise nowadays. It introduces 12 heart-throbbing male ambassadors from each university and chooses 12 lucky girls to date them. The first that I have watched, and probably my favorite by far, is The Handsome Cowboy. It stars Puttichai Kasetsin as Sibtis and Esther Supreeleela as Prikkang. Sibtis is from the Faculty of Agriculture who is known to be a charismatic bad boy and a handsome senior without a doubt. While Prikkang is a down-to-earth who dislikes arrogant and narcissistic people. These two met in mishap which made Prikkang disgusted by his character. Intrigued by her cold and cute personality, Sibtis tried to sway and win her heart.  Later on they discovered that they used to be childhood friends before Prikkang moved from the country side.



The character of Prikkang kinda relate to my toxic personality — well, not so toxic. What I mean is that she gets easily disgusted to people who are so full of themselves . She have these cute habits of shrugging off her shoulders, rolling her eyeballs, and blowing off cute expressions with her face. She’s kind of childish in this drama given that she’s an only child. She used to do part-time as a DJ a.k.a. DJ PK. She has friends who are also the hosts of the U Prince show. Everyone can easily fall for her cuteness and charm-like grace.



An epitome of a hearth-throb… but beware, he’s good at playing hearts too. Many girls are bewitched by his looks. He have this one girl whom he considered as “ex-girlfriend” but still clings onto him. I wouldn’t ask why, he’s sure known to be that irresistible! Apart from being too good looking in the university, he is also responsible as an heir in their agricultural land back in his place in the countryside.

UPS: The Handsome Cowboy


Their lovestory started when the two met in mishap, Prikkang got insulted when Sibtis arrogantly approached her and didn’t remember her name. Without a doubt, she ignored him and that eventually hurt Sibtis ego. From then on, he made a bet with his friends to make Prikkang notice and date him. Thus he made a lot of efforts which made Prikkang fall in love with him.

I love how the guy teases her with his 5G, it’s his made up punishment that he will give anytime if Prikkang won’t obey him. Thus, Prikkang agreed to him until they discovered that they were close childhood friends years ago. His character is so fun to watch as he was able to portray goofiness and humor in it.Those strategies just to get the attention of the girl were so cute. Not just that, when it comes to responsibilities, he’s serious. You will fall in love as he shifts his character into a persevere son to his father and how he shows effort to his family. But above all, he’s so damn handsome. He looks so fine from head to toe, I must admit. Even I, yourstruly,  have fallen into his charm.

Prikkang is such a lovely character. I think her stubbornness is what makes Sibtis fall for her. That moment in crisis when she has to face another day with him, another day of falling in love with him, but he can’t admit her true feelings. She’s clouded with the thought that Sibtis already has a girlfriend and she doesn’t want to be the other girl. She’s innocent when it comes to love and she’s unsure of what she feels towards him. It’s either she’s unsure or she’s afraid to get hurt in the end.


The countryside is such a perfect setting as their love story started to swirl. You can see how they play with the scenery and how the staff decorated the view even sweeter. Prikkang’s fashion is on top here. She dresses fashionably and classy. With Sibtis, well he looks handsome in whatever he wears… and even without top, jklol!10549

What’s disappointing is the guy’s aggressiveness towards girls, especially when his ex-girlfriend starts to distract him. He can’t resist his temptation! And I guess that’s the main problem in every relationship (just saying :P). Good thing, he got his lesson from there. Prikkang showed that when a woman trusts a man, he should never break it. And when it’s broken, it’ll be hard to mend.

UPS: The Handsome Cowboy is not just pure twee-tums but it also gives quotes in life at the end of every episode. So why don’t you watch now and tell me how you feel after watching the whole series? 🙂

Here are few of the cute scenes:

So silly, soooo inappropriate! Haha
They have this brother-sister treatment in the story, btw which is cute
I just can’t contain my feels, I’m sorry

UPS: The Handsome Cowboy OST

UPS: The Handsome Cowboy watch online

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